Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My new favorite meal

Anyone that knows me knows without a doubt that I am super lazy :). I make a big batch of food on Sunday for lunches during the week so I don't have to cook every day and remember to bring my lunch to work. Lately, I am on a real bacon tear; I crave it day in and day out. Here is my simple, one skillet meal solution for my laziness and my hunger:

You will need:
  • skillet
  • kitchen shears
  • bacon (3-4 slices)
  • eggs (3-4)
  • grated cheese (preferably fancy/thinly shredded or grated)

Heat skillet on medium high heat. While holding a bacon strip in one hand, cut into smaller bitesized pieces allowing them to drop right into the skillet. Cut all bacon this way and continue cooking bacon until it is about 3/4 of the way done. Crack eggs directly into skillet and keep egg/bacon mixture moving to prevent eggs from sticking to pan. Lower heat to medium to slowly finish cooking eggs without burning them. When the eggs are just about done (I like mine a little runny) turn off the heat and sprinkle some cheese on top. It will melt into the eggs and then you can dump the whole thing onto your plate.

Some bacon has more fat than others and you will need to drain some of the grease off the bacon before adding your eggs. Eating some bacon grease really improves the tast of the eggs, too much grease is not really a good idea and it doesn't make it taste any better.

Happy Memorial Day week!

So I took this week off from work to spend with the kids since this is their first week out of school. My niece and nephew are going to be with us Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I hope we will be doing fun stuff outside most if the time if the rain will hold off.

Trying to work on getting some recipes up here, and testing some I ran across on the web. If you have time check out this recipe for chocolate cake and this variant as well. They are very similar and since I didn't have all the ingredients for either recipe, I just threw a bunch of stuff in the blender and it came out very good. The kids tried it (without knowing what it was) and liked it, my wife said it tasted good too. I whipped up a simple cream cheese icing with cinnamon and a little DaVinci's syrup and let it set up on top of the cake. It was amazing! I actually had some cake for breakfast this morning :).

My wife whipped up a wonderful BBQ dinner for us an her parents last night, the main course was a precooked beef brisket from Wal-Mart. I know what you're thinking... yuck, right. Well I have to say it was totally awesome! The brisket was from Sadler's Smokehouse, and was presliced as well as precooked. Just reheated it in the oven and it was out of this world moist and delicious. One word of caution, when looking at the label, the price is per pound :).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nicole found another old picture; new comparison composite

Here is a composite of two shots taken about 10 months apart. I was probably 260-270 on the left and 195ish on the right. I can see a big difference (first thing I see is that rockin pair of Costas on the right :) ) but also the back of my head was more straight down and it actually has shape now. Very interesting what the camera reveals...

I am going to try and get some recipes posted this week. I plan to start a new list on the right for quick reference. It will take me a while to get them all in here, but I will start with the few I have photos of, and then try to add them when we make it again so I can get some in progress pictures.

New logo/banner coming soon... all I can say is it is going to be AWESOME! I have seen a couple samples and they both looked good. I can't wait to unveil them; hey wait... maybe I can post a poll and see what you think about them and then have a small give away for all those who vote??? Hmm... I guess that is one way to find out if anyone is reading my blog :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Low carb ice cream nut butter thingy

Several people have asked me about desserts or treats and some who have had this at my house have asked for the recipe. Well here you go! Step by step directions with pictures along the way... (for those kitchen impaired folks like me :) )

Here are the ingredients:
-a couple ounces of cream cheese
-a couple ounces of heavy whipping cream (HWC)
-a packet of your favorite sweetener (Stevia based preferably)
-about half a spoon of nut butter (the lower the carbs the better, almond butter is really low)

I use 2 bowls but you can do it in one if you're extra lazy.

Whip up the HWC in one bowl and put the cream cheese and nut butter in the other bowl in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. Then beat that until smooth.

Mix the two together with the sweetener (it can actually be added at any point in either bowl).

Spoon into silicon cupcake molds filling them about halfway.

I put them in the freezer about 90-120 minutes before I want to serve them. They will be a little soft but o-so-delicious and will melt in your hands and mouth! They will harden up more as they stay in the freezer but will still be soft enough to bite into.

I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities here; replace the nut butter with just about any other flavoring or a little bit of melted Lindt 85% and there is no limit to all the creations you can make!

FYI, the original idea/recipe came from here and I made a lazy adaptation for my hectic life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I feel like I ate ALL day long...

Man, I am full as a tick! Here was my menu for today, I just feel like I ate all day long. Never over ate or got stuffed but just comfortably full... perfect!

7:30 Greek yogurt with half banana
10:45 3 half deviled eggs
12:45 3 burgers (no bun) Caesar salad
3:45 5 chicken wings
9:15 salad with taco meat, cheese, sour cream and taco sauce

Drank tons of water, 60oz of hot tea, and 3 diet cokes.

For the first day in a couple weeks I made it without eating any nuts. I am extremely addicted to almonds at this point but I made it thru without a single one :).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cookout at my house!

We had the clan over to our house today for a cookout. I was in heaven... burgers, hot dogs, sausage dogs... soy chips, oopsie buns, and homemade LC frozen desserts! It was a great day and we all had a good time visiting with each other and relaxing. The kids even went for a swim out in the freezing cold water :).

My brother and his girlfriend are trying to lose a little weight and working on a modified LC plan so I took some time to show them a few tricks and quick snack recipes. They liked everything I showed them especially the LC frozen treat and the oopsies. Hope this keeps them motivated on their diet!