Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Low carb ice cream nut butter thingy

Several people have asked me about desserts or treats and some who have had this at my house have asked for the recipe. Well here you go! Step by step directions with pictures along the way... (for those kitchen impaired folks like me :) )

Here are the ingredients:
-a couple ounces of cream cheese
-a couple ounces of heavy whipping cream (HWC)
-a packet of your favorite sweetener (Stevia based preferably)
-about half a spoon of nut butter (the lower the carbs the better, almond butter is really low)

I use 2 bowls but you can do it in one if you're extra lazy.

Whip up the HWC in one bowl and put the cream cheese and nut butter in the other bowl in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. Then beat that until smooth.

Mix the two together with the sweetener (it can actually be added at any point in either bowl).

Spoon into silicon cupcake molds filling them about halfway.

I put them in the freezer about 90-120 minutes before I want to serve them. They will be a little soft but o-so-delicious and will melt in your hands and mouth! They will harden up more as they stay in the freezer but will still be soft enough to bite into.

I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities here; replace the nut butter with just about any other flavoring or a little bit of melted Lindt 85% and there is no limit to all the creations you can make!

FYI, the original idea/recipe came from here and I made a lazy adaptation for my hectic life.

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