Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My new favorite meal

Anyone that knows me knows without a doubt that I am super lazy :). I make a big batch of food on Sunday for lunches during the week so I don't have to cook every day and remember to bring my lunch to work. Lately, I am on a real bacon tear; I crave it day in and day out. Here is my simple, one skillet meal solution for my laziness and my hunger:

You will need:
  • skillet
  • kitchen shears
  • bacon (3-4 slices)
  • eggs (3-4)
  • grated cheese (preferably fancy/thinly shredded or grated)

Heat skillet on medium high heat. While holding a bacon strip in one hand, cut into smaller bitesized pieces allowing them to drop right into the skillet. Cut all bacon this way and continue cooking bacon until it is about 3/4 of the way done. Crack eggs directly into skillet and keep egg/bacon mixture moving to prevent eggs from sticking to pan. Lower heat to medium to slowly finish cooking eggs without burning them. When the eggs are just about done (I like mine a little runny) turn off the heat and sprinkle some cheese on top. It will melt into the eggs and then you can dump the whole thing onto your plate.

Some bacon has more fat than others and you will need to drain some of the grease off the bacon before adding your eggs. Eating some bacon grease really improves the tast of the eggs, too much grease is not really a good idea and it doesn't make it taste any better.


  1. Ahhh bacon. Love the bacon. Thanks for the wonderful looking recipe. Will have to try it this weekend for brunch.


  2. Thanks jen... funny, I took a look at your blog and the image you used for the 5/22 article about working out is the exact same image from flickr that I used for my most recent Examiner.com article... too funny :) Great minds think alike!