Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nicole found another old picture; new comparison composite

Here is a composite of two shots taken about 10 months apart. I was probably 260-270 on the left and 195ish on the right. I can see a big difference (first thing I see is that rockin pair of Costas on the right :) ) but also the back of my head was more straight down and it actually has shape now. Very interesting what the camera reveals...

I am going to try and get some recipes posted this week. I plan to start a new list on the right for quick reference. It will take me a while to get them all in here, but I will start with the few I have photos of, and then try to add them when we make it again so I can get some in progress pictures.

New logo/banner coming soon... all I can say is it is going to be AWESOME! I have seen a couple samples and they both looked good. I can't wait to unveil them; hey wait... maybe I can post a poll and see what you think about them and then have a small give away for all those who vote??? Hmm... I guess that is one way to find out if anyone is reading my blog :)

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