Friday, August 7, 2009

Single skillet low carb breakfast (credit)

Full fat salad dressing, seafood, eggs and yes, BACON! What kind of diet allows you to eat so many traditionally non diet foods while both improving your health and slimming your waistline? That's right, a balanced low carb lifestyle!

"My diet is too restrictive", "I am always hungry", "low fat items on my diet don't taste very good"; these are common complaints from dieters about their eating plan and are often reasons for falling off plan. While some find a low carb lifestyle too restrictive, there are only a few basic restrictions and they mainly revolve around sugar and bread. A fellow low carb eater Lindsey Root said "if it's white, don't bite" which is great advice to help keep you away from breads, cakes, and other flour or sugar filled items. Here are some foods that can be enjoyed regularly on a low carb lifestyle that would throw most "traditional" dieters into shock.

  • Full fat items (cream cheese (straight from the block), Greek yogurt, shredded cheese for recipes

  • Eggs (yes BOTH the egg white and the yolk)

  • Higher fat cuts of meat including bacon (even better, eggs cooked in a little bacon grease)

  • Avocado/guacamole, good fat source and keeps your overall calories up for the day

  • Vegetables are encouraged on most diets, but are at the core of a low carb lifestyle

  • Nuts, many different kinds and flavors (all natural unsalted almonds are my favorite)

  • High percent cocoa chocolate, Lindt 85% has only 1.5 carbs per square

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