Monday, September 28, 2009

Day one, part deux

I'll try to blog about my daily experience so anyone who is interested can check it out and I can keep a record of how this went for me.

Had a cookies and creme drink this morning about 7:30 or so. I think I drank it too fast trying to finish before I left for work and felt really bloated. I was very full, all morning I felt even more full than when I eat eggs and bacon. I ended up playing tennis over my lunch break at 11:30 and decided to push it and see if that one shake would hold me over. The temperature was nice out there today and I really enjoyed tennis with the guys. I got back to work and whipped up my second drink (chocolate powder with raspberry Davinci's) and it was pretty good! I think I need to use more raspberry flavoring next time, I was just a little worried about using too much since it has sucralose too. I think I finally finished it about 1:30 and made it all the way until 6:15 for my dinner. Even though my wife was sick, she still cooked a chicken cheese casserole, green beans, and some deviled eggs for dinner. It was really good, but I didn't scarf it down like I thought I would. I just wasn't that hungry. I picked up a second case of Diet Rite cola from Walmart today (seems to be the lowest price $3) and really think I like these about as good as anything that isn't Diet Coke. I am considering moving to Diet Coke with Splenda after the two weeks is up. I am looking for some Diet Rite Cherry, Black Cherry, or Red Raspberry but I haven't seen them anywhere around here yet. WM carries Cola, Tangerine, and White Grape.
This is the time I would really like some almonds. I am chilling out, playing on the computer, watching TV and drinking my Diet Rite. I wish I had something to crunch with my drink (not ice) but I know it is psychological because I'm still not hungry.

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