Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ran across this funny image

I ran across this image in the LowCarbFriends forum and thought I would pass it along. It is simply perfect!

It kind of goes along with my bacon and eggs costume :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Just a quick update on a few things...
The diet is still going well although I am not losing pounds like I had hoped I am losing more inches which is just fine with me. I haven't really lost any weight in a couple weeks and only have about 9 days before the final weighin. Don't forget to enter the contest and guess how much weight I lost over the 6 week period!

I submitted a recipe to the Atkins recipe contest and it has been selected as a semi-finalist! The prize package is awesome and there are only 4 recipes in my subcategory; I like those odds :). The voting ends tomorrow so register and vote for mine!
Click here for the details

Also, many of you know of my obsession with bacon. For the first time in three weeks I didn't have B&E for breakfast this morning... but I bet you can guess what is on the menu for lunch :). I found a bacon costume at KMart this week and with creative help from friends on facebook made a do-rag out of a white shirt and painted yellow egg yolks so I can be bacon and eggs... LOL. My company is having a costume contest today and I never participate in this kind of stuff so I think I will give it a go today. Wish me luck! (yes, I'll post a picture later)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bacon and eggs for breakfast

This is week four of the 6 week cure and I am really loving all the meat! I have had eggs and breakfast every morning and it has been a great way to start the day. I used to not really put any focus on breakfast, sometimes I just had a yogurt or whatever but having a really good breakfast is not only filling but obviously gets me started out great for the day of low carb eating :).

Today was the first day I've been able to actually make an omelet, it usually turns into scrambled eggs somewhere towards the end... I went to Ingles this morning and they had some of the "ready to eat" bacon on sale B1G1 so I grabbed a couple packs of that to use at work when I have a craving for bacon. It's not the same as the real stuff, but will do in a pinch!

What is your favorite breakfast to get your day started off right?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something kind of new for breakfast

Here I am in week three of The Cure and really enjoying my start to the meat weeks. I grilled out 17 hamburgers Tuesday night so I would have some yum on hand when I get hungry. I have three pounds of bacon, some extra beef hot dogs, and I just purchased a few pounds of pork chops for grillin (if the rain will let up again). For the first time today, I think I wanted to have a shake... not as a meal replacement but as a snack.

Now for a 2 part story; I love hot stuff. Not like Nancy, but I really like a little judo chop in my foods. I love hot wings and feel the need to eat Jalapeño peppers on my food whenever possible. A few years back, BLC (before low carb) I got heart burn all the time when I ate stuff that was hot but now I can literally drink hot salsa from a Mexican restaurant with no ill effects. So I like peppers on my taco salad and usually dice the slices up into smaller pieces to spread around in the salad mixture. This got me to thinking "I wonder if they sell them already diced?"... well the do, and it is a time saver!

Which leads me into the second part of the story; in the recipe section of The Cure, there is a Confetti Omelet that has diced bell peppers in it which I wanted to try. Bad news, is I don't like bell peppers regardless of the color or how long they're cooked. I'm sure you can tell where I'm headed here but my new favorite breakfast is 2 or three scrambled eggs (from some local home schoolers (thanks Laurie)) with some of the diced Jalapeño peppers and a tidge of Colby Jack cheese added at the last minute. If I have time, I try to cook a couple strips of bacon, but I always set off the smoke detector which makes Nicole freak out when the baby is still asleep at 8:00AM. She took the smoke detector off the wall and took the battery out because it is too sensitive, LOL.

So what's the moral of this low carb story?
Peppers in your eggs are yummy; setting off the smoke detector... not so much!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm back eating again... 3 meals a day!

Well I stopped the shakes a day or two early, I just couldn't take it any more. I think if I would have been at home instead of the beach it would have been easier, but to be honest I was really ready to eat again. It wasn't that I was hungry per se, it was just that I wanted to eat. I think the shakes are a great way to stay full and get you started back losing weight. I think I could see myself going back to one week on the shakes and then skip right into the meat weeks.

Per the suggestion in the book, I am heading to donate blood tomorrow after lunch. They mentioned that you could down a caffeinated beverage before donating to help remove more toxins from your body but I don't think I'm willing to have caffeine at this point considering how long it's been since I last had any... :P The caffeine is supposed to help mobilize fat and aid in removing toxic substances from your body.

I am looking forward to experimenting with some of the recipes in the book. There are so many, I don't think I will get around to making them all in a year's time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Live from the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores Alabama

This was officially day two of the festival, although the vendors have been setting up for about three or four days. The festival was scheduled to open each day at 10AM so we ventured down to the strip about 9:30 and ended up parking in the lot of one of the souvenir shops. (side note, the shops near the festival close their lots and you can't park to go into the stores without paying the $5-$10!! what a rip!) We headed down and saw a huge map of all the vendors, music stages, arts and craft booths as well as the kids area. This is how busy it was already this morning:
The temperature today is about 90 degrees, but according to the weather channel, the "real feel" temperature is 101-102... I can vouch that it is HOT HOT HOT out there. We walked around and visited various vendors and scoped out a few things we wanted to come back and see. There is a large kids area with several free things for the kids to do. My kids made crafts with some of the local churches, rode a jet ski simulator and made safety t-shirts with the Marine Police, and we found free sno cones and popcorn as well as $1 cokes from the local school system's PTO fundraiser.
Back towards the center of all the action, they have tons of booths setup frying everything you can imagine from shrimp and soft shell crabs to alligator, Snickers and of course pork skins. I bought a JUMBO bag of SPICY pork skins for $6 and they were fresh out of the fryer... so delicious! One of the "must have" items from the festival is called a "Cajun pistol" and is basically a bignet style doughnut with a cheesy seafood mixture inside; the lines were longer at booths selling these than any others. Several vendors had grilled items like sausage and shrimp as well as steamed seafood like below.
The festival runs through the end of the day Sunday and they have multiple musical stages setup with live performers all through the weekend. If you are in the area or close enough to make a short trip down, the food will be worth the trip!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One week down, so far so good :)

This was the first of two "shake weeks" and it was both easier than I thought and more enlightening than I thought. The protein shakes are very filling and I didn't have any problems with a lack of energy. Today, I had two smaller shakes in the morning for a late breakfast and lunch and then we played flag football followed by an hour and a half of tennis practice and I hung in there with everyone else just fine!
So far the biggest thing I have learned, well that has been reinforced, is that I love food and like to eat. I REALLY look forward to my "chew meal" which has always been supper with the family. I know that my love for eating is what helped me gain all that weight, but I guess I never really acknowledged it before being reduced to one meal a day.
This upcoming week is going to be somewhat of a challenge; we're heading to the beach on Wednesday with TJ and Ashley Padgett and will be attending the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores. I contacted them through facebook and am planning to take some pictures and hope to write an Examiner article LIVE from the festival.
This also marks 2 weeks since my last caffeinated drink and one week off aspartame. I can't say that I've noticed any marked difference in my health but I am trying to keep my eyes peeled for anything.
Can't wait to start "MEAT WEEKS" when we get back from the beach~!

Don't forget to enter the contest and guess how much weight I will have lost at the end of the 6 weeks!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5 here we come!

This week has flown by, I still can't believe how filling these drinks/shakes are. I am still having problems finishing all three, but I am at least trying to have parts of three shakes in addition to dinner with the family. Last night I had beef hot dogs and forgot how much I love them... I had 6 (bunless of course). Today I am going to try something new and make a chocolate protein shake and mix in a little almond butter and see if I can get somewhat of a Reece's flavor. Yesterday's morning shake was one of the best so far; vanilla protein powder and raspberry Davinci's with some fresh raspberries... it was so delicious! I added a little bit of ice and blended so it was a little thicker than I usually make them but not as thick as a milk shake.

Tonight I think we are heading to the movies which usually means the food court at the mall for dinner. There is a Japanese place there that has great meat and veggie dishes that they cook to order so I am hoping to get some chicken and broccoli or something of that nature for dinner tonight.

Two big challenges coming up this weekend; first we have a wedding to go to out of town tomorrow night and of course dinner is going to be an issue there. Also on Sunday we are starting a marriage small group at church and they will be serving Subway sandwiches. My options are bring my own food, or substitute bread so I can "fit in"... I have had a serious craving for hot wings so I just might have to bring my own wings and hope no one else tries to eat any :)