Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5 here we come!

This week has flown by, I still can't believe how filling these drinks/shakes are. I am still having problems finishing all three, but I am at least trying to have parts of three shakes in addition to dinner with the family. Last night I had beef hot dogs and forgot how much I love them... I had 6 (bunless of course). Today I am going to try something new and make a chocolate protein shake and mix in a little almond butter and see if I can get somewhat of a Reece's flavor. Yesterday's morning shake was one of the best so far; vanilla protein powder and raspberry Davinci's with some fresh raspberries... it was so delicious! I added a little bit of ice and blended so it was a little thicker than I usually make them but not as thick as a milk shake.

Tonight I think we are heading to the movies which usually means the food court at the mall for dinner. There is a Japanese place there that has great meat and veggie dishes that they cook to order so I am hoping to get some chicken and broccoli or something of that nature for dinner tonight.

Two big challenges coming up this weekend; first we have a wedding to go to out of town tomorrow night and of course dinner is going to be an issue there. Also on Sunday we are starting a marriage small group at church and they will be serving Subway sandwiches. My options are bring my own food, or substitute bread so I can "fit in"... I have had a serious craving for hot wings so I just might have to bring my own wings and hope no one else tries to eat any :)


  1. Hm, I would just bring my own food, or eat the insides of the sandwich. I did that once when I was at a friends house, just kept breaking off the bread and feeding it to their dog, LOL But I suppose a pile of bread on the plate would be conspicuous. But who cares, you have to be true to yourself. At the wedding I bet they serve a salad and some kind of meat, just avoid the rice/potatoes etc.
    Good luck!!
    (Now I want hot wings!)

  2. Thanks.. that is what I usually do too. I'm hoping for some delicious chicken dish at the wedding :)