Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something kind of new for breakfast

Here I am in week three of The Cure and really enjoying my start to the meat weeks. I grilled out 17 hamburgers Tuesday night so I would have some yum on hand when I get hungry. I have three pounds of bacon, some extra beef hot dogs, and I just purchased a few pounds of pork chops for grillin (if the rain will let up again). For the first time today, I think I wanted to have a shake... not as a meal replacement but as a snack.

Now for a 2 part story; I love hot stuff. Not like Nancy, but I really like a little judo chop in my foods. I love hot wings and feel the need to eat Jalapeño peppers on my food whenever possible. A few years back, BLC (before low carb) I got heart burn all the time when I ate stuff that was hot but now I can literally drink hot salsa from a Mexican restaurant with no ill effects. So I like peppers on my taco salad and usually dice the slices up into smaller pieces to spread around in the salad mixture. This got me to thinking "I wonder if they sell them already diced?"... well the do, and it is a time saver!

Which leads me into the second part of the story; in the recipe section of The Cure, there is a Confetti Omelet that has diced bell peppers in it which I wanted to try. Bad news, is I don't like bell peppers regardless of the color or how long they're cooked. I'm sure you can tell where I'm headed here but my new favorite breakfast is 2 or three scrambled eggs (from some local home schoolers (thanks Laurie)) with some of the diced Jalapeño peppers and a tidge of Colby Jack cheese added at the last minute. If I have time, I try to cook a couple strips of bacon, but I always set off the smoke detector which makes Nicole freak out when the baby is still asleep at 8:00AM. She took the smoke detector off the wall and took the battery out because it is too sensitive, LOL.

So what's the moral of this low carb story?
Peppers in your eggs are yummy; setting off the smoke detector... not so much!


  1. cooking bacon in a can "fry" bacon in the microwave on a plate between layers of paper microwave has a bacon setting so I can't really tell you how long, but you can fiddle and get the timing right.

  2. ooh i will have to try those, I love all things hot and always eat eggs with hot sauce of some kind or cayenne pepper sprinkled on them.