Friday, October 30, 2009


Just a quick update on a few things...
The diet is still going well although I am not losing pounds like I had hoped I am losing more inches which is just fine with me. I haven't really lost any weight in a couple weeks and only have about 9 days before the final weighin. Don't forget to enter the contest and guess how much weight I lost over the 6 week period!

I submitted a recipe to the Atkins recipe contest and it has been selected as a semi-finalist! The prize package is awesome and there are only 4 recipes in my subcategory; I like those odds :). The voting ends tomorrow so register and vote for mine!
Click here for the details

Also, many of you know of my obsession with bacon. For the first time in three weeks I didn't have B&E for breakfast this morning... but I bet you can guess what is on the menu for lunch :). I found a bacon costume at KMart this week and with creative help from friends on facebook made a do-rag out of a white shirt and painted yellow egg yolks so I can be bacon and eggs... LOL. My company is having a costume contest today and I never participate in this kind of stuff so I think I will give it a go today. Wish me luck! (yes, I'll post a picture later)

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