Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feedback on bacon; 2 part post

I love bacon; there I said it. I have like 5 packs in the fridge at home, 4 in the freezer at work, and 1 bacon 1 jowl in the mini fridge in my office. When I find a sale, I buy a couple. When I find something new, I buy at least one...

Hog jowl seems to be my favorite discovery so far. Bacon is good, thick cut bacon is better, jowl seems to taste even better... much more flavor. I also tried some "salt pork" which actually appeared to be "pepper pork" because the edges were covered in pepper which produced a nice crisp crust when cooked. The taste and texture were good, but not as flavorful as the jowl.

I finally got the hang of frying eggs (a.k.a. over medium) and can't even stand the thought of eating scrambled eggs again :). My favorite breakfast right now is to fry up 3-4 pieces of bacon and then use the leftover grease to fry up my eggs. Very good, filling, and super easy to cleanup. I put some shredded cheese on my plate and when I drop the hot fried eggs on there, the cheese melts into a delicious gooeyness that works really well with the runny yolk.

Part 2; do you worry about my (or your) cholesterol? Some people have asked me about my cholesterol and are worried that I am killing myself with this way of eating, specifically too much bacon and eggs. I can't remember EVER having my cholesterol checked (which a really regret as I have no numbers to compare before low carb and after) but I think I owe it to myself and my friends to have it checked to see where it is right now. At work we have a machine that can be used to test it and they are looking into purchasing some of the test cartridges so we can have it checked more easily and cheaper than going to the doctor. If this doesn't pan out in the next few weeks, I guess I will schedule an appointment with some random general practitioner because I don't really have a GP that I see. My primary care physician is actually and ENT; that's pretty much all I've had wrong with me in several years (outside of a couple visits to the orthopaedic doctor for my shoulder and back). Thoughts?


  1. bacon....yum! This makes me want to cook bacon right now!

    Well if you are worried about it, you should go to the dr and have a whole panel done, not just cholesterol but get a whole physical as a base and for future reference. They will check your blood sugar too which is likely to be fabulous and if your cholesterol is a little high they will be scratching their heads at your dr's office, like why is he so healthy here, but not here? This way you have leverage for more testing on the cholesterol if it is indeed too high.

    It’s not about the total LDL but rather the LDL particle size that is most important when you are measuring your lipids, so having one of the two major particle size tests done is critical. The VAP Cholesterol Test, and the NMR LipoProfile test provide you with this essential information. Get your doctor to run one of these tests to know if your LDL particles are the large, fluffy, protective kind or the small, dense, dangerous ones you want to avoid.

    Here is the VAP:
    and here is NMR:

    Chances are your cholesterol is just fine, I have been low carbing exclusively for a while and mine is still always low though I know some people do end up with a total LDL number that causes panic, so in that case you would want a secondary test.

  2. Frying eggs is an art for sure.

    I've found cast iron to be the best for eggs but you have to get the seasoning of the pan right and eggs are about the only thing that cooks right without making a mess out of the pan (as you are not supposed to wash it really if you want to keep the seasoning right).

    I too use collected bacon grease to fry eggs. I use a George Foreman grill to cook the bacon. Kind of funny because it is supposed to help cut fat out of a diet but I use it to collect the bacon grease and add it back to my diet. It does a great job and the water separates from the grease really well in the tray. I peal a Bounty paper towel 2-ply into separate plys, then I put one ply over a coffee cup and carefully pour just the grease floating on top through the paper towel into the cup. Pop that in the fridge and use as needed.