Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tooth update

I've been having a rough time with a bad tooth over the last week or so and been in SEVERE pain. I didn't know what this would be like but now I know I would never wish this on anyone, even my enemies. The root canal specialist was able to work me in today (they will be closed for 5 days for the holiday) and removed the roots and relieved nearly all the pain. I am so glad the pain is gone and might actually get to sleep tonight.

I told you this story to tell you this one.... (-Ron White...)

During all this tooth nonsense, I found it extremely hard to stay on plan. The pain was so intense at times I would just eat all this "comfort food" in hopes it would make me feel better at the time (let's say a soft brownie at 3:45 AM). We all regret these mistakes but there is little that can be done about it afterwards. I didn't give up on all my food choices because what I eat for meals is usually low carb anyway because that is what I like. The snacking is what got me.

So back on the horse as they say... I'm planning on starting a modified 6 week cure plan where I think I'm going to try having bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, a shake for lunch most every day and then a low carb meal for dinner with one LC snack during the day. I think this will be perfect for me and fit my lifestyle well... more to come on this later :)


  1. Glad to hear you finally got some relief!!

    About 1 1/2yrs ago I had some major dental work with all kinds of complications.....so I know exactly what you mean about the comfort foods!!

    At least you weren't down to a liquid diet for several months like I was....believe me, nothing but protein shakes gets old REALLY fast!!

  2. TJ I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth, but glad you are out of pain now. I know exactly what you mean, I have had the worst tooth ever and did end up with a root canal. I have to wear a night guard now because I grind my teeth which they say caused some cracks and now and then they flare up if I dont wear my night guard.
    (I try to remember)
    I received my book on Wednesday TJ! Thank you so much! I have read it cover to cover and am going to start this as soon as I can get some more protein powder!