Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week one of 2010

Well, so far it isn't going exactly as planned. I'm in a contest with a good friend to lose 25 pounds and so far I'm +1... not exactly sure what's going on but I'm hoping this next week will show progress in the right direction. Regardless, it is fun to send him pictures of all the yummy low carb food I'm eating while he's eating tiny portions of low calorie food items... :)

On a positive note, I received half of the kitchen stuff from the Atkins recipe contest I won and the products they picked out are AMAZING! We haven't ever had cookware and a knife block/set that are of this high quality before. I feel bad using them because they look so beautiful... check out the pics below. I'm still waiting on a utensil set and all of the Atkins products but I wouldn't be eating most of them at this point of my diet anyway :)