Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Couch to 5k??

I hate running; I couldn't stand running in gym class. I used to think all morning and come up with some excuse to give the phys ed teacher so I either didn't have to run or could at least walk. So what's the point of this blog entry? In short, I'm running!

So I decided I wanted to try running... partially as a challenge to myself, partially to help my tennis, and partially to help me lose some more weight and help keep it off. A friend suggested the running program for beginners called "Couch to 5k" so I had to check it out. The goal of the program is to go from being a couch potato to running a 5k in about 9 weeks... I'm a bit skeptical for myself, but I see TONS of people have had success with this program so why not, right? After a few brief moments on the website, I learned how the program worked by alternating jogging and walking at first and then gradually decreasing the amount of waking time until you're eventually running the entire time.

I also quickly found several developers have an iPhone/iPod app that keeps up with all of the weeks and times so all you have to do is listen and run. Basically, you just kick off your music and then start the program... select the week and hit start. Verbal cues and optional voices are played over your music at the key exchanges letting you know when to switch between jogging and walking. Not necessary, but it sure does make it easy!

I ran Friday, 2/19 for my "day one experience"... not too bad, I ran around the neighborhood and I could tell that the jogging part really made a difference in how far I went in the time I was out there. In my previous walks we estimated about a mile and I'm pretty sure I went over 2 miles this time. I decided I needed some running shoes and went out to Kohl's after dinner and got a great deal on some New Balance shoes that were on sale AND an additional discount that night (I love a great deal) :).

Day two was going to be Monday but it was going to rain so I ran on Sunday evening on the high school running track. Much easier than day one but I still have my doubts about how long I can run. Today was day three and the last day of the first week. Same running schedule but today was much different for me. I went to the dentist this morning and got a shot that was really hurting. I think I have a sinus infection and/or a cold. I had absolutely ZERO motivation to run today. Plus it was 35 degrees outside and the wind was blowing about 10MPH. Did I mention I hate running?? LOL... I went ahead and decided to run despite the lack of motivation and pain :(. I went out to GoldDust park in Villa Rica to run on their trails with the thought that the trees would help cut the wind down. I failed to think about the trails being in the shade of said trees and thus being colder than the other areas... silly me. Anyhoo, I "got my run on" and did the program, it was VERY tough today. I had zero energy but I pushed through. On the 7th "run minute" I was hurting so bad, my calves and shins were on fire. So like and idiot, what did I decide to do?? Quit, right? No, I decided to see how far past the 60 seconds I could run in the 8th run minute. I ran and ran and yelled at myself until I made it all the way through my 60 seconds and through the 90 second walk time! I didn't think I could run that far or that long. The down side of it is that I am REALLY sore now; of course that might be the upside of it meaning that I did a good job pushing my body even more and burning more calories... we'll see how I feel tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck with your running TJ! I am not a runner at all and recently have had knee probs so I just walk my treadmill. I have the best shoes though, Brooks Ariel. I need no motivation to walk except that I GET TO WEAR THOSE SHOES!!! LOL I'm serious. The other day I was super tired and yawning. I thought, should I take a nap or put my shoes on and walk? Uh shoes win!
    I have heard good things about New Balance though too, and if I had not foudn the Brooks I would have gotten the New Balance.