Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homemade Baconnaise rocks the hizzle

Ok so I'm talking to my good friend Jamie and we're talking bacon.. and about making baconnaise from scratch. She's went fancy and I'm well... lazy. Here is my attempt at making a delish mayo/bacon spread that you can use anywhere you want to taste bacon but need a spreadable mayo.

So of course you need bacon and mayo, but for kicks I threw in a good bit of black peppa, some garlic powder, a little ranch dressing, and a tidge of paprika.

To begin with, fry up three strips of bacon until crispy. Cut, crush, or crumble into small pieces trying to only use the crunchiest parts. I put the bacon in my Magic Bullet and pulsed it into a magical bacon powder :). Getting a fine powder helps prevent it from being chunky.

In a small bowl combine about a fist size pile of (preferably room temp) mayo, the bacon powder, 3 shakes of garlic powder, 0-2 Tbsp of ranch dressing (I love ranch and think it pepped up the overall taste), about a Tbsp of black pepper and toss in some paprika to help with the coloring. Thoroughly mix with a fork and taste. Secret ingredient spoiler.. liquid smoke! Add about 5-8 drops of liquid smoke and thoroughly mix again... taste.

At this point you should either like it or love it. If you don't like it, you can tweak it up or down. If the flavor is too strong, squeeze some additional mayo and remix. If it is too weak, you can add a little smoke, some garlic/pepper, or of course make, blend, and add some additional bacon and taste again :)


  1. please enlighten me......what's liquid smoke???

  2. It's pretty much what it sounds like; a concentrated liquid that has a smoky flavor. Can be purchased at just about any grocery store. This is also a great ingredient to use when making beef jerky!! :)

  3. I love liquid smoke. lol!

    What do you like to use this spread on?

  4. It is good on sammiches/wraps... I even put it right on my scrambled eggs. I intended on using it primarily for oopsie sandwiches or low carb breakfast wraps. I thought I could at least get some bacon and flavoring even if I didn't have time to make bacon...

  5. It really isn't "from scratch" if you didn't make your own mayo.

  6. @ Cuppycake in the first(or second) sentence he says that his friend went fancy and he was lazy. I'm making my own baconnaise from scratch by using bacon grease instead of oil. If it doesn't have enough bacon flavor I might add in some tiny bacon pieces.