Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second week back at it strict and deep into ketosis

I have to say, this has been by far the easiest transition back onto a strict induction eating plan that I have ever made. I was fortunate enough to waltz right through the first 5 days without a single craving, weak spell, or moment of true hunger. What is even more amazing to me is that here I am 12 days in and I already have to FORCE myself to eat! I don't recall this happening before; I remember not bing AS hungry, but twice this week I skipped a meal. Not good, but I just forgot to eat!

I've been eating a TON of eggs and bacon; two reasons 1) it is a quick, easy, and simple induction friendly meal, 2) it is very cheap and transports to work easily in one container. What can I say... I'm pretty much lazy.

This week I had planned on modifying a recipe for peanut butter pie but it ended up that I needed to order some stuff to experiment with so instead I attempted to make a low carb no-bake cheesecake. It turned out really good (thanks Jamie) and the only things I think I need to change is less crust and more sweetener in the batter. I think they might be related because the almond crust didn't have very much sweetener so it might have just overpowered the flavor from the cheese mixture. I actually had some of the cheesecake for lunch a couple days and it tasted great and was very filling.

I'm planning on working on the recipe conversion this week once my Netrition order comes in. I also ordered some carbalose (low carb flour substitute) so I hope to be able to attempt some other breaded recipes like chicken Parmesan :)


  1. "twice this week I skipped a meal. Not good"

    Why not good? I'm a firm believer in eating when you're hungry and not just because the clock says you should! If you're not hungry, where is the harm?

    I rarely have "breakfast" lunch is breaking my fast. And sometimes even skip dinner. But whether is 2 hrs after eating or 8 hrs, I eat if I'm hungry. (Also a firm believer in the benefits of intermittent fasting)

  2. good job TJ! Dont worry about skipping a meal here and there, if you arent hungry you do not need to eat.

  3. Excellent news! Keep up the good work. I fell off the bandwagon really bad last week. It's posts like yours that give me faith that I can start over again this week and stick to it. Thanks!

  4. Great job! I'm back on 20 net carbs/day also- yesterday was day 1 and so far, no problems. Can't wait to get back into ketosis after a few weeks of carb-indulgence.

  5. Refreshing to find a male perspective low carb blog. Are you still out there TJ? Are you still low carb?? Time to update us if you are!! :)

  6. Glad I found your blog...adding it now to my blogroll...can't wait to poke around some more!

  7. Can someone please help me with induction I cant seem to get into ketosis...
    Any advice?