Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woo hoo, a contest? Guess my weight loss!

If you know me or have read any of my blog entries lately then you know I am on a 6 week journey following the diet called Six Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle. I decided I would start a contest to follow along with my diet and when the six weeks is over I'll pick the winner.

The rules are simple, guess how much weight I will have lost over the 6 weeks and whoever is the closest wins!
  • I will post my weight loss on November 9th.
  • My scales read to the nearest 2/10ths e.g. 254.8
  • Over or under doesn't matter, closest wins.
  • You have to leave your guess here as a comment.
So what's up for grabs? Low carb stuff of course! Currently, I have another copy of the 6 week diet book and a second low carb cook book (retail value $40). I will see if I can stockpile some other snacks and goodies over the next few weeks. If you win and don't want the low carb stuff, you can opt to pass on the goodies to a friend or someone else who entered the contest.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day one, part deux

I'll try to blog about my daily experience so anyone who is interested can check it out and I can keep a record of how this went for me.

Had a cookies and creme drink this morning about 7:30 or so. I think I drank it too fast trying to finish before I left for work and felt really bloated. I was very full, all morning I felt even more full than when I eat eggs and bacon. I ended up playing tennis over my lunch break at 11:30 and decided to push it and see if that one shake would hold me over. The temperature was nice out there today and I really enjoyed tennis with the guys. I got back to work and whipped up my second drink (chocolate powder with raspberry Davinci's) and it was pretty good! I think I need to use more raspberry flavoring next time, I was just a little worried about using too much since it has sucralose too. I think I finally finished it about 1:30 and made it all the way until 6:15 for my dinner. Even though my wife was sick, she still cooked a chicken cheese casserole, green beans, and some deviled eggs for dinner. It was really good, but I didn't scarf it down like I thought I would. I just wasn't that hungry. I picked up a second case of Diet Rite cola from Walmart today (seems to be the lowest price $3) and really think I like these about as good as anything that isn't Diet Coke. I am considering moving to Diet Coke with Splenda after the two weeks is up. I am looking for some Diet Rite Cherry, Black Cherry, or Red Raspberry but I haven't seen them anywhere around here yet. WM carries Cola, Tangerine, and White Grape.
This is the time I would really like some almonds. I am chilling out, playing on the computer, watching TV and drinking my Diet Rite. I wish I had something to crunch with my drink (not ice) but I know it is psychological because I'm still not hungry.

If you're looking for an interesting new kitchen gadget, check out this new item from Dr. Eades.

Day one, part one

First PP drink was pretty good. Raw locally supplied egg, cookies and creme powder, HWC, water, ice; still feeling full after 2 hours so we'll see if I can make it until lunch.

Good news, bad news:
The good news is that I am down 17.6 pounds over the last 12 months. The bad news is I weighed in UP 12 pounds from where I had been weighing for 4 months. I was expecting to have gained a few pounds, maybe 8... NOT 12! It was obviously all my fault but I will not only live with the consequences of my mistakes but they will help provide the determination needed to reach my goals!

Here is the warning I received from when I entered my current weight and goal:
The weekly weight loss for your goal is high. Most weight loss guidelines aim for a weekly weight loss of 2-pounds or less. To acheive your goal weight by the goal date, you would need to lose 4.57 pounds per week. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zero week down, starting week one!

I am officially at one week from when I drank my last "real" diet coke. I still feel a little more tired than I expected but I can't say for sure it is the caffeine since we have been fairly busy this week and I think I might be on the verge of getting sick. I played tennis today for the first time in a couple weeks and it didn't go that well; I didn't feel 100% and didn't play 100% either.

Tomorrow starts day one of week one of The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle; I'm a little nervous because I will only have ONE actual meal each day for two weeks. I think I will adjust after a day or two but I REALLY like my almonds for snack and my meat and veggies. For anyone who hasn't heard of this diet, the first two weeks are designed to detox your liver and basically give it a rest from all the hard work it has been doing. 3 protein shakes a day and one low carb meal with veggies and as much meat as you need to get full. I plan on making dinner my meal since that is the meal we always spend together as a family.

I've put on a few pounds in the past couple months experimenting with some new stuff and basically being half hearted with my eatin choices. Well, back on the wagon as they say. Tomorrow morning starts another chapter in this crazy weight loss journey. I need to "relose" the weight I gained and then lose another 15-20 pounds. My goal is to lose down to about 175 expecting to gain 5-10 of it back and level out between 180 and 185.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Planning on doing some shopping...

Need to locate some good protein powder and several flavors of sugar free (zero carb) flavored syrups like Davinci's. I heard that TJMaxx or Ross usually have some for a low price so I plan to check them out Thursday at lunch. The protein powder I have used in the past is ok in taste and I think it is about as cheap as they come. I am considering the Jay Robb brand although I think it is more expensive.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The books are here!

The 6 week cure book was delivered today (thanks and so far it looks a little more daunting than I originally thought. Not impossible, but not as simple as your basic lo carb plan. It's been so long since I have been on a strict eating plan, I just think it is going to be a big adjustment for me. Nicole has shown some interest in trying this with me but I think Diet Coke is going to be the deal breaker. I am going to try the half and half suggestion for weaning off caffeine (start with half full caffiene and half decaf, then 1/3 caffienated 2/3 decaf, 1/4 caffienated 3/4 decaf and next thing you know you're totally off). Need to get a couple tubs of protein powder and some Davinci's sugar free syrups for the shakes during the first couple weeks. I plan to finish the book in the next few days and hope to post some more details on the 6 week plan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need to get back on this blog thingy

Ok, so tennis has consumed the last few months of my life and blogging has fallen to the curb. Not sure if anyone still tracks my blog, but I feel like I need to get back into the swing of things and update this sucker! First thing I changed was the blog feed added to the left side -->.

I removed my Examiner posts from the main body of the LCL blog and added a top 5 feed section so you can also see the posts on my low carb examiner column when visiting my bloggerino here :). I get to write a little more freely here, and use all kind of grammatically incorrect things like slang, internet abbreviations, and emoticons... LOL :).

So how's my low carb diet going? Well, it's spinning like a helicopter and the tail rotor is sputtering... I haven't been sticking to any plan, count, or goal and have been basically maintaining my weight within a 6-10 pound window of where I was when I slowed down. I have been super active playing tennis (not using that as an excuse, I'm just sayin') and we have had a good bit going on around the house lately. I have been snacking too much and eat WAY too many almonds.

SO what's next? Well I have decided to pretty much blindly start a new plan for a while and see if it is the shake up I need. I went so long NOT losing any weight even though I was trying pretty hard to break below 190. The Eades' have released a new book called "The 6 Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle" and I am going to commit to following the book for 6 weeks at minimum. I don't know what the book has in it, don't know about the recipes and what you have to do each week. The only details I have about it are that you have to cut alcohol (n/a) and caffeine (ahem, could be tricky) and have three shakes with 50g of protein a day and one low carb meal for the first couple weeks. Could be tough, but I think the net will be a huge loss in 14 days :). I ordered the book today and expect it in early next week and hope to start the plan on Monday September 28th. Several of my LC friends have read the book and are following the plan and losing weight so I don't see what the harm could be (aside from looking like I am just jumping on the bandwagon which really doesn't bother me because I already said I was looking for a change and am blindly committing to trying THIS diet as THAT change)... ROFL.

So in the meantime, I'm still eating salad and bunless burgers, hot wings, grilled chicken, taco salads (no shell) and all kinds of interesting low carb desserts (like the black bean brownie/cake, pumpkin cheesecake, and my cheesecake icecream thingies). Heck, I spoon almond butter and cream cheese straight from the container, who am I kidding?? I plan on making rat toes on Friday and posting the recipe here and on :)

Oh and there was a test in the first paragraph. You probably failed.